Friday, 20 April 2012

Summer Holiday Ideas: Water Activities

Water can be explored in many different ways. Here are a few ideas. As always, let the child go beyond these ideas and do encourage the child's own ideas of exploring water (if any), for that is when the child learns to think, analyse and learn independently. 

  • Pouring- This is most suitable for very young children (2 to 4 years). Fill a tub or a bucket with water. Place an empty bucket with a mug next to it. Show your child how to fill the mug with water from the bucket that is full and pour it into the bucket that is empty. After a quick demonstration, allow her to do it her way and assist only if absolutely necessary.
  • Boat Fun- Make paper boats together and let your child have fun sailing them in the water. 
  • Float and Sink-  Older children can be encouraged to look for objects that can float as well as sink in the water. Let the child look for the objects independently and discover what floats and what sinks. Do keep a gentle watch to ensure inappropriate objects are not used for this activity. You would not want your cell phone or wallet to land in the water! This activity is probably best done outdoors. 
  • Watering Plants- Do you have a garden at home? Or even just a few pots? Why not encourage your child to water the plants everyday? Many children would love doing this! And this is something even very young children can accomplish. This activity would require some adult guidance for young children to know when to stop watering. Explain to your child beforehand that plants need only a certain amount of water because of which she will have to stop watering after a while, unlike the first three activities that have no time limit. 

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