Saturday, 19 November 2011

Where Would the Child in You Like to Learn???

Imagine you are a six year old child. You are all set to learn about healthy food in school today. In which of the following scenarios would you like to learn?

Scenario 1:

  • Your teacher talks in detail about the different kinds of healthy food and why they are good for you.
  • Next, she talks about the different kinds of junk food and tells you about why they are bad for you.
  • She then tells you what to eat in order to stay healthy.
  • She then asks you questions related to her explanation.
  • You are then asked to prepare for a test on healthy and junk food the following day.

Scenario 2:

  • Your teacher gives you a brief introduction to the topic “Healthy Food”.
  • She then tells you to draw and colour a picture that represents you as a strong and healthy person.
  • After the drawing activity, she asks you to express your views on healthy food and junk food.
  • She then narrates a story with an underlying message on healthy food and its benefits.
  • You are then given another activity to do.The teacher has an assortment of foods, such as, apples, rotis, rice, milk, cheese, chips, cookies, colas etc. She asks you to stack all the healthy foods in a pile and the junk foods in another pile. 
  • You end the lesson with some music and movement! You sing an action song related to healthy food.
  • The teacher then tells you to come prepared to enact a skit on “Healthy Food” the following day. Each child is assigned the role of a particular food. You along with your friends enact your part the following day and have fun!

So, to ask you again… In which scenario would you prefer to learn? 

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