Friday, 4 November 2011

The Importance of Free Play

Young children love to play. Free play plays a crucial role in child development. Children are keen observers of the world around them. Free play is a means for them to express themselves and experience the world around them. Apart from experiencing the world around them, free play also leads to the development of social and language skills.   Children learn to interact with peers. Interaction with peers is one of the many ways that leads to language development. As children play and chat together, they end up working on their language skills indirectly.

Finally, free play is a means for the child to unwind and just have a good time. Just as adults unwind by reading books, listening to music, visiting the spa or club, watching movies, playing sports etc, the child unwinds and enjoys life through free play. Hence, it is very important for adults (teachers and parents alike) to provide children with structured play time every single day. It is also worth keeping in mind that adult interference during free play ought to be minimal. We need to let the children be. We are required to step in only in the event of any destructive behaviour.

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