Thursday, 17 November 2011

Joyful Jigsaw Moments!

Have you ever done a jigsaw puzzle with your child? Do you like doing it? Does your child enjoy the activity?
Do you want to have more fun doing the puzzle with your child? Then read on....

A simple jigsaw puzzle activity can be an enriching experience for your child. It can go well beyond fitting all the pieces in their correct places!

For instance, let's assume we are working on a train puzzle. Go beyond making the train and completing the puzzle. Ask questions about that particular train and also any other train experience your child might have had. Allow him to express freely. This allows the child to connect his learning to reality.

Together observe all the different colours in the puzzle. If the child wishes to say something about the colours, listen to him. Don't be in a hurry to teach or correct the names of those colours that the child does not know. The child will learn eventually. A more important thing is to observe the different colours in the puzzle and enjoy the activity.

Ask the child if he observes anything else in the puzzle. If so,allow him to talk about it and listen to him. This talk and expression helps in the development of language as well.

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