Saturday, 5 November 2011

Check your Priorities

Every child is unique. Every child has her own set of strengths. Every child learns differently. So, does it make sense that we push all children to learn at the same pace and in the same manner? Or judge children’s abilities based on how fast they seem to learn? 

How would it be if one could respect the child’s abilities and allow him the freedom to learn at his own pace? Would the child learn better? Would the child enjoy his learning experience? Would the child develop confidence in his abilities? Would the child learn to accept himself for what he is and strive to improve in his own eyes? The answer to all of these questions is a positive “YES”!

It would help if we could check our priorities before embracing a new plan of action. Is the idea that the child should compete with the outside world or is it that he should strive to do his best? If the main goal is competition with the world, we don't have much to change. But if the priority is to guide the child towards doing his best, then we most certainly ought to change our stance. Aim for excellence and guide the child towards excellence.

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