Monday, 21 November 2011

How About Some Exploration?

Imagine you are a nature lover who is on holiday. You are accompanied by a tour guide.

One bright sunny morning, your guide takes you to a thick green wood and tells you to explore it. You are thrilled beyond words.

You stop to look at every tree. You smell the flowers. You taste some berries. You dip your toes in a stream and enjoy the feeling of cool water on your feet. You use your binoculars to catch a glimpse of exotic birds high up in trees. You spot unique insects and admire the colourful butterflies that are all over.

You enjoy yourself thoroughly and think you have so much more to explore in the woods. You catch sight of a woodpecker and are observing it keenly, when your guide interrupts you to inform you that it is time to get back and see something else. How would you feel?

You reason with your guide that you are here to explore the woods and would not like to leave right away. However, your guide insists that you've explored the woods quite a bit and there are nicer things to do now. How would you feel?

Would you feel that even if there are nicer things to do, you are more interested in exploring the woods at the moment? Maybe you want to spend some moments watching the woodpecker or discovering wild mushrooms! Maybe you want to look for a particular plant or hear the sounds made by the scores of beetles there. Would you feel that you would like more time to explore?

If you do, you are not alone! There are lots of little children who feel the same way everyday!

Young ones on an exploratory journey are often whisked away or interrupted by well meaning adults, who have no clue about how much the exploration means to young inquisitive minds.

Do you think an uninterrupted journey through the woods would have enriched your learning about nature and increased your love for it? Yes?

Do you also think that uninterrupted exploration time for little children could enrich their learning experience and increase their love for learning as well? 

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