Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Being a “Montessori Inspired Parent”

If you wish to be a “Montessori Parent” you-

  • Respect the child and view him as an equal citizen in an adult dominated world.
  • Understand the child and the different stages of development that he passes through.
  • Create an environment that gives him plenty of scope to build his personality by doing constructive work appropriate to his stage of development.
  • Acknowledge his inner urge to do certain kinds of work and let him participate in day to day activities around your home such as cleaning, gardening, cooking and everything else that he is drawn to.
  • Let him explore the environment and make meaningful discoveries.
  • Let him make choices, thereby strengthening his will and moving him towards independence.
  • Let him work uninterrupted for as long as he wishes to and do not stop him unless really called for.
  • Give him freedom to be.
  • Develop the ability to be firm as well as kind.
  • Enjoy each stage of your child’s growth, complain less and observe more.

Dr Maria Montessori, who was the mind and soul behind the popular Montessori method of education followed world over today, spent a lifetime observing and working with children. Her work, research and conclusions have simplified life for us today.

The principles of child development laid down by Dr Montessori are not restricted to education alone. They can be applied successfully in our day to day interactions with children.

If you are inspired by these principles, you would have the benefit of raising your child the Montessori way and thereby get to witness some astounding miracles of child development. For a greater understanding and awareness of Dr Montessori's work, do read her books "The Secret of Childhood", "The Absorbent Mind" and many more too. 


  1. The principles of Montessori teaching method are now being used in quite a lax way but if used appropriately they will surely be amazing for a child's development. What I think is most important for parents is to believe that learning is more important than marks.

    1. Very true. Understanding and applying them appropriately is most important, which as you rightly mentioned is lacking. But yes, when applied, it is astounding.