Sunday, 23 September 2012

Children and Colours: Match & Learn Fun

This is a wonderful activity to teach children about matching colours and to simultaneously reinforce the names of colours.

You can use old visiting cards for this activity. Alternately, you can use small pieces of cardboard that have been cut. 

  1. Paint the plain sides of the visiting cards with different colours. 
  2. Arrange the cards in one line on a table or a mat.
  3. Place a few plain visiting cards, paint and paint brushes on the table.
  4. Let your child paint one card at a time and match it with the ones arranged in a line. For instance, if she spots a red card first, let her independently pick up the red paint and paint a card red. If she spots a blue card next, let her paint a plain card blue and match it with the existing blue card. You can certainly help if the child is lost or requires your initial guidance, but allow her to do it independently after a while.
  5. Ask her to name the colours as she paints and matches.
  6. If the child is older and can write, let her also write the names of the colours on a sheet of paper as she paints and matches. If you want to experiment more, you can even encourage her to do something different like writing with the paint brush. For example, if the colour she has just matched is red, she can dip her brush in red paint and use the same to write “red” on the sheet. Many children would love doing that. Using fingers dipped in paint to write is another exciting option! Let the child choose.
  7.  For a younger child, painting, matching and naming would be sufficient.

Tip for the Adult: You can expect some mess at the end of this activity. So, make sure the child as well as you have an apron on. Spread lots of newspapers and then commence the activity. Do not inhibit the child for fear that the child may get herself messy. Messes can always be cleared but the phase in which children would enjoy and learn from such activities will not last forever! So, make the most of it!

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