Friday, 3 February 2012

Children and Colours: Part 2

This is another fun way to learn about colours.

  1. Keep blocks of different colours on a mat.
  2. Pick up one block, let’s say a yellow block, and ask your child, “Do you know what colour this block is?”
  3. If your child recognises the colour, she will say so. If she does not recognise the colour, you can say “This is yellow”.
  4. Once that is done, tell your child to look around your living room/kitchen/bedroom and see if she can spot yellow anywhere. If she is confused about what that means, do the exercise a couple of times with her and then encourage her to do it independently. Go around with her and show her objects that are yellow in colour. Keep the yellow block with you and match it with the yellow objects that you find. Let’s say you find a banana on the dining table, you can casually comment to your child, “This block is yellow. This banana is also yellow!”
  5. Once you’re done with a block of one colour, move on to blocks of different colours. You don’t have to do all the colours in one day. Adjust it as per the interest level of your child. It should remain something that is fun to do. If you spot your child losing interest after a while, stop the activity and take it up on another day.

Expose your child to the colourful world that originates right at home!

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