Saturday, 11 February 2012

Loving a Child: Ideas for the Season!

Loving a child is one of the most wonderful experiences in the world!

While love for our near and dear ones is certainly present throughout the year, the Season of Love is an opportunity to celebrate and cherish that special bond of love.

With Valentine’s Day round the corner and love in the air, why not make some time to celebrate the love we have for our children? It is also a wonderful opportunity to show children what love means and how it is cherished.

Here are some ideas to celebrate the love you share with children-

  1. A Special Meal- Ask your child what she would like to eat and cook the same for her. Alternately, you can surprise her by cooking her favourite dish for dinner! Cooking for someone is a wonderful way to show your love indeed.
  2. A Card- Make a card for your child. Write a few lines in the card on why your child is special to you.  You can even paste or draw a family picture in the card!
  3. Fun Story- Tell your child a story that has love as the theme. It can even be your own story that has all the people your child loves as the characters. Encourage your child to add to the story. Many children would love doing this.
  4. Child’s Own Expression- Finally, do not forget to ask your child if she would like to make or do something to celebrate her love for family and friends. Many children would love to do something special for others.  Give her the freedom to implement those ideas that are practically feasible. For instance, if she says she would like to paint a picture for her father, let her do it the way she wants to.  It is after all an expression of HER love for him! (Like in the picture below that depicts a unique expression of love, with the child probably trying to say that whole world seems full of love when she is with a loved one). 

     "Expression of Love" Art with heart shaped mountains, a heart shaped sun and heart shaped trees and flowers.

Showing our love to children in turn helps them learn to love.

Celebrating love helps children understand that love is something to be cherished.