Friday, 6 January 2012

Multiple Intelligences in Winter! Part 1

It is winter! Before the season ends, why not get your child to explore winter in different ways- using different aspects of her intelligence and several of her capabilities? In short, on the basis of multiple intelligences or MI! 

Every lesson can be done in eight different ways based on the eight intelligences identified by the MI theory. (For a better understanding of multiple intelligences, read my post

Why learn lessons in eight ways when it can easily be done in one go, using one standard style of teaching as well as learning? Why not just explain everything about the winter season to your child like it happens in many schools and learning environments? Well, there is nothing wrong with explaining concepts and if your child prefers this approach, do go ahead. However, explanation of concepts is just one way of learning something. You can always spice lessons up by adopting different approaches. And multiple intelligences offers a very good platform for the same.  

When you present the same lesson to children in different styles, the child absorbs best from those styles that match his dominant intelligences. Besides, he also gets exposure to other intelligences and to different ways of looking at the same thing. This exposure in turn broadens his perspective. This makes learning more meaningful.

So, let’s move on and see how your child can learn about the winter season using all the eight intelligences, in eight different ways! In this post, I have covered three intelligences (visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic & logical). Read subsequent posts for ideas based on the remaining intelligences. So, here comes….

Visual- Spatial Intelligence

  • Winter Collage- Collect pictures of different objects related to the winter season, such as sweaters, socks, gloves, food enjoyed in winter etc. Make a winter season collage together with your child.
  •  Winter Videos- Watch videos related to the winter season on Youtube or other sites.
  • Winter Art-Give your child paper and colours and ask her to draw and colour a picture of a cold day in winter. Allow her to draw and colour as per her perception of the season. Once done, encourage her to talk about her picture.

Verbal-Linguistic and Logical Intelligence

  • Story Fun- Tell your child a story on the winter season. Get innovative and make up your own story. You can also find stories on the internet (if making up your own is not a good option for you).
  • More Story Fun-Encourage your child to make up her own story on the winter season. She can even write it down if she is used to writing. You can assist if need be.
  • Season Logic- Discuss with your child the logic behind seasons- how different seasons occur at different times of the year and how they follow a cyclic pattern. Elaborate on the winter season and talk about the months during which we experience winter.
  • Winter Talk - Together talk about your lifestyle in winter- ask your child about what she feels like eating and drinking in winter, what kind of clothes keep her comfortable,  how the weather is etc. Also, talk about how winter is experienced differently (snowfall, extreme chill) in different locations around the world. If you live in a place that does not experience snowfall, watch photos or videos of snowfall on the Internet. You can also read about winter and its characteristics.


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