Monday, 16 January 2012

Multiple Intelligences in Winter! Part 3

Here comes the final post on learning about winter on the basis of multiple intelligences!

For those of you who missed the first two parts of this article, here are the links.

In this post, let's explore learning about winter on the basis of inter and intra personal intelligences. Read on...

Interpersonal Intelligence

This exercise will take a little more planning on your part but the effort will be worth it. Arrange to have your child’s friends over at your home on a weekend. Set the theme as “Winter” and inform all the other parents about the same. Ask each child to come prepared to show or do something specific related to winter. It could be anything- dressing up as a snowman  painting a picture of winter, creating something that is typical of winter (winter craft), composing a poem or story on winter, showing a Cd or pictures related to the season etc. Feel free to use your imagination to get more ideas. There are no rules! Once all the children assemble, get them to talk to the group about their individual ideas. For instance, if one child has made up a winter story, encourage her to narrate it to the group. This way each child gets to talk about their unique winter idea, the other children learn to listen to others, they learn to take turns and ask questions. In short, they learn through their interpersonal intelligence. Be aware that not all children will come forward to share. Do not force a child who is hesitant to speak up to share. You can ask the child if you can tell the group about her idea and if she agrees, do acknowledge whatever that child has created by sharing it with the group.  Remember that the children who are quiet are getting exposure to interpersonal interactions and that is more than enough at this point of time. There is no need to pressurise  them to speak.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

  • Remember the walk you took with your child on a cold winter morning? If your child can write, tell her to write about her experience on that day- how she felt, what she saw, what she liked about that morning, what she did not like etc.
  • If your child likes pretend play, encourage her to play with her favourite doll or toy, while pretending that it is winter. Let her do whatever one would do in winter and act it out with her doll. She can act it out herself if she does not prefer doing it with her doll. If you have a boy, he can do something similar with a car or any other toy he prefers.As always, nothing is compulsory.These ideas can always be modified to suit your child's personality. 

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