Thursday, 5 January 2012

Think New Parenting Thoughts in 2012!

As we step into a brand new year, take some time to reflect on the following thoughts and if you like it, do make this kind of thinking a part of your life in 2012 and beyond.  

  1. My child is Unique- Make it a point to remind yourself everyday that your child is unique. There is none other like him/her anywhere in the world. This does not mean that he is perfect, for no one is. It only means that he is unique and deserves to be acknowledged for the little person he is. So, whenever you feel that there is something lacking in your child, remind yourself that he is unique. Focus on his strengths and positive attributes. Trust him to mould his own personality. Just be a gentle light that guides him, while empowering him to live his life independently.
  2. Enjoy the Present Moment- It is common for parents to worry about how their children (with all their shortcomings) will cope once grown up- how a sensitive child will learn to be thick skinned, how a shy child will learn the art of social interaction, how a timid child will learn to be assertive and how a slow learner will fare in competitive exams. Worrying endlessly is one option. However, you can always choose another option- focus on the present. Look at your child today. What are her strengths today? How can she make the best of her present circumstances in life? In what way can you help? When you focus on doing the best for your child in the present moment, not only does your child achieve more but she also takes small steps towards a bright future J
  3. Every Day is a New Opportunity- In the course of our journey with children, there will be times when we as adults feel lost, confused, frustrated and guilty. Maybe you were stressed and yelled at your child one day, maybe you said something unreasonable to your child, maybe you hit your child in frustration or maybe you had unfair expectations of your child- we all end up saying and doing inappropriate things with regard to our children, only to regret them later. When you catch yourself feeling low about a possible wrong you did to your child, tell yourself that there is a new opportunity knocking on your door the very next moment. Pick yourself up and try again. And don’t worry about what your children think of you when you make a mistake. Children are sensitive and will know when you are genuine. Besides, everyone makes mistakes. The point is to learn from our mistakes and move on.
 Enjoy your parenting journey in the year 2012!!

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