Friday, 23 December 2011

Your Child's New Year...

If you have a child who is at least four years or older check out the following New Year ideas to give your child a unique New Year experience. As always, keep in mind that your may have to modify the given ideas to suit your child’s personality.

Goal Setting- Ask your child about how she would like the coming year to unfold- what places she would like to visit, whom she would like to meet, what she would like to achieve, what she would like to learn etc. She can even write it down in her diary or on a sheet of paper. Don’t be alarmed if your child says something like she would like to visit Pluto! Often, children say things that may not be realistic. But it is nothing to worry about or react to. The point is to make her aware of her preferences and train her to set goals that are her own. And of course, you can always follow up on the goals that are possible to attain in the present. What about those wishes that are unrealistic? Ask your child about how she would like to attain those goals, without making them sound absurd? This will set her thinking and will help her conclude on her own about why some things may not be possible in reality (such as flying in space or visiting Pluto).

New Year’s Play Date- Organise a New Year’s play date at home for your child and her close friends. Take your child’s help to decorate your home and to get some snacks and beverages ready for the party! Encourage your child to make New Year greeting cards for her pals, to be given away during the party. Let your child be the host and entertain her friends.

Special Gesture- Do something special for your child this New Year. Maybe you could gift her something she’s been longing for, take her out for ice cream, buy her a favourite chocolate or make your own card for her. It all depends on your child’s personality and her likes

Celebrating New Year as a special event will help your child learn from a young age that every New Year is a wonderful opportunity to love, learn, live life and have fun J

With this post, I take a break from blogging for a short while. Will be back with a bang soon! Here’s wishing everyone a fun filled New Year’s Eve and plenty of good times in 2012! 


  1. nice blog!!!all ur blogs are amazing....gud work...keep it up!!!

  2. Thank you Jaya for your encouragement and appreciation :)