Thursday, 15 December 2011

Fun Writing Ideas for Older Children!

If you have a child who is at least five years or older and she is able to write comfortably, she can have a lot more fun working on her writing skills. Here are some ideas to make writing interesting for an older child-

  1. Stories- Many children are highly imaginative and love to make up stories of their own. If your child is a story teller, take her to a stationery store and let her pick up a notebook in which she can pen down her stories. Tell her to begin each story on a new page in her book. Allow her complete freedom to weave the story as she wants to. It does not matter even if does not make sense to you! The idea here is to work on writing skills and develop a love for writing in the child. Once done, she can even read out her story to you. Encourage her to think up titles for her stories and be accepting of unique titles.
  2. Diary- If your child is the reflective kind who loves to talk about her life, her activities in school, her friends and her feelings, encourage her to maintain a diary. Tell her that she can write about anything she likes in her diary. She can also date her entries, to make reading them at a later point in life interesting!
  3. Event Planning- If you are planning a birthday party for your child or any other event with family and friends, you can take her assistance to create lists of guests and things to do. Many children feel responsible when asked to take up such initiatives and do so happilyJ.
  4. Emails- If you have friends or relatives that your child likes in other cities, encourage her to send emails to them once in a while. Though sending an email does not involve using pen and paper, it is nevertheless one way to work on writing skills. 
  5. Just Writing- Encourage the child to write on random topics that she likes. Some topic ideas are- “My Family”, “My Best Friend”, “ What I Love To Do”, “My House”, “My Favourite Food” etc. The list can go on and on. Suggest topics that you think your child would like. Let her choose from your list or work on some of her own.

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