Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Joy of Reading!

Consider the following scenario-

You learn the Japanese language.
You are sent to Japan for an assignment.
You are able to read all the Japanese signboards, newspapers and magazines.

Does that sound exciting? Would you feel a sense of accomplishment on mastering a foreign language? Would you feel thrilled that you are able to read a new script on your own?

Now imagine a young child of three who was only used to his mother tongue, suddenly reading English words all by himself. Do you think he would be thrilled to do so?


Children as young as three years can learn to read. Does that sound strange? Does it feel like there is unnecessary pressure on a child who learns to read at the age of three?

Well, CERTAINLY NOT, if reading is made a joyful experience for the child!

Thanks to the emergence of phonetics as a popular approach to reading, reading can be made a pleasurable activity easily.

Phonetic sounds are the sounds made by the letters of the alphabet. When these sounds are introduced to children at an early age, they learn to put sounds together and begin reading simple words. Most children who learn to read phonetically also develop a love for reading.

If you consider introducing reading to your little one, please keep in mind the following points to make reading an enriching experience for your child-

  • Introduce the vowel sounds (a,e,i,o,u) and a few consonant sounds first.
  • Once you have introduced a few sounds, start reading simple three letter words such as cat, mat, rat phonetically. You don’t have to wait until you are done learning all the sounds to begin reading.
  • If your child likes stories, weave stories around the words that are being learnt to make it fun.
  • Give the child simple phonics books to read.
  • Do not make reading seem like a test or expect perfection from the child. Practice will make perfect.
  • Encourage your child’s attempts to read and provide ample opportunities for the same.  

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