Friday, 9 December 2011

Children and Writing: Part 1

Have you ever heard little children express a lack of interest in writing?

Do they complain of aching hands at the end of a writing lesson?

Do they ask you in a whining tone of voice about why they need to write everyday?

Have you seen children hitting their foreheads in frustration when writing hour draws near?

Do they end up dreaming or staring into the distance in the midst of writing?

Do you ever wonder why writing seems to be a tiring job for several children?

Writing is BORING!


Imagine how you as an adult would feel if you are given three or four workbooks and are expected to write pages in each of those books every single day?

To make matters worse, you are also told to write the same thing multiple times, even if you have mastered whatever it is that you are writing.

And to top it all, you don’t even know what you are writing or why you are writing something you don’t like.

Under these circumstances, would you enjoy writing? Or would you treat it like a chore that is to be done with quickly? So once you’re done with it, you can go out and enjoy life!

This is exactly how children feel when writing becomes an activity that is repetitive and highly predictable in nature. And that is why, come writing hour, you hear all those groans and moans!

Does writing have to be such a boring task? Certainly not!

Can writing be enjoyable? Absolutely!

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