Friday, 2 December 2011

Never Give Up on Your Child!

Ever feel drained after being with children? 

Feel like they just don't listen to you?

Tired of screaming and shouting?

How about making them read, write and do their homework?

And ensuring they eat healthy?

Getting their attention time and again?

Issuing threats and withdrawing privileges?

And to top it all, feeling guilty and frustrated, for not knowing how to be an effective parent or teacher?


Why ruin the time you spend with children stressing yourself out?


Change your beliefs.
Work on your communication style.
Set boundaries.
Create a routine.
Make children active participants in all decisions concerning them, including eating, dressing, cleaning up, studies, homework & playtime.
Be firm.
Be kind.
Be fun loving.
Be consistent.
Be a friend. 

And if despite all you do, you have bad days don’t worry. Everyone has their bad days- even the most seasoned teachers, parents and veterans in the field!

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