Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Multiple Intelligences in Winter! Part 2

Here comes the next post on teaching your child about winter using three other intelligences- musical, bodily-kinaesthetic and naturalist!

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In this post, let's move on to learning about winter using musical, bodily-kinaesthetic and naturalist intelligences as the basis. 

Musical Intelligence

  • Poems- Encourage your child to compose a poem on the winter season. You can assist if necessary. But let the child's effort be more than yours! If you or your child knows to play a musical instrument you can add music to your composition and sing along. Even if you don’t know to play a musical instrument, you can always use household items such as old cardboard boxes, spoons etc to create music.
  • Other Songs- Sing other songs or rhymes on winter. Look for them on the internet or make up your own.

Bodily- Kinaesthetic and Naturalist Intelligence

·         Winter Experience- This should be fun! Wake up early on a chilly weekend. Have a wash. Drink something warm such as milk, hot chocolate or tea. Depending on the severity of winter in your part of the world, dress up in appropriate warm clothing (sweaters, coats, mufflers, gloves, socks) and then set out. Allow your child to dress herself and assist only if necessary. Go to your own garden or to a park nearby. Once out of your house, you will obviously feel the cold. Ask your child about how she feels. Tell her about how you feel in the cold. Walk, play, or just sit still in the park. Do whatever you feel like but keep talking to your child about the cold morning. Don’t force her to talk if she doesn’t want to. Sometimes, children learn through observation alone. Also, don’t make it seem like a test, Let it be fun for your child. If the sun is shining, stand in the sun and see what happens when you feel the sun on your skin. Talk about it. Once back home, have a shower and then apply moisturising cream. Talk about what happens when you use moisturising cream. We all know that we tend to feel a lot hungrier in winter! So, sit down to relish a hearty breakfast at the end of your winter morning experience! Have fun!
·         Winter Dance- Remember the poem your child composed on winter? How about adding some beats to that and shaking a leg? Now, keep in mind that all children would not enjoy dancing. So, if your child is inclined to dance, do a winter dance together and see how much fun it is J

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