Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Children and Colours: Story-Activity

This is an exercise to reinforce in the child’s mind that different things in the world can have similar colours. You can do this exercise once or more, depending on the child’s level of interest. It is most suitable for children between three and four years of age, though slightly younger or older children may enjoy it as well.

Start by narrating this short story and follow it up with the activity described below.

There were three friends called Sky, Apple and Sunflower.

Sunflower lived on the ground, Apple lived on a tree and Sky lived high up.

A bird that was flying met Sky and said, “Sky, what colour are you?”

Sky said, “I am blue in colour.”

‘Blue! What a pleasing colour!” exclaimed the bird.

The bird saw Apple from high up and said, “Hey, I can see someone on the tree down there!”

Sky said, “That’s my friend Apple!”

The bird flew down to the tree to see Apple.

She said to Apple, “Hey Apple, what colour are you?”

Apple said, “I am red in colour”.

“Red! What a lovely colour!” exclaimed the bird.

The bird saw the sunflower from the tree and said ‘Hey, I can see someone on the ground down there!”

“That’s my friend Sunflower!” said Apple.

The excited bird then flew down to meet Sunflower.

She said, “Hey Sunflower, what colour are you?”

Sunflower replied, “I am yellow in colour!”

“Yellow!What a happy colour!”

“I saw three beautiful colours today- blue, red and yellow! Would you like to see them too?" said the bird. 


Once you finish this story, say to your child- “Now it’s our turn to see the colours blue, red and yellow. Can you go around our home and fetch things of different colours?"

If the child is interested, say, "Can you fetch something that is blue in colour?"

Let your child go around your home and fetch something that is blue in colour. Let's say he gets a blue pen. 

Pointing at the pen, you can say,” Bird saw the blue sky and we see a blue pen here!”

Next ask him to fetch an object that is red in colour. Let’s say your child gets a red tomato.

You can say, “Bird saw a red apple and we see a red tomato here.”

Finally, ask him to fetch something that is yellow in colour. Let's assume he gets a banana. 

You can say, “Bird saw a yellow sunflower and we see a yellow banana here!”

Many children find this to be an enjoyable activity. So, feel free to repeat this exercise with different colours and objects as many times as you think the child would enjoy doing it. 


  1. Haripriya lovely story to teach kids about colours,hey i remm in our childhood days we used to play game'what colour u want'...infact same colour game i played with my daughter when she started learning the colour.Its always fun to learn in playful methhods.

  2. Thank you Ashu. Yes, learning through play is always fun. Good to know that you played similar games with your daughter and also in your own childhood!