Saturday, 31 March 2012

Summer Holiday Ideas: Paper Cutting

Children love to experiment with cutting. Give your child lots of  papers/newspapers that you don't need and a pair of child scissors. She will be able to spend a good amount of time cutting the paper and thereby working on her motor skills as well.

This activity is enjoyed by most children between three and six years of age, though each age group would execute it as per its abilities. The younger ones will face a bigger challenge cutting the paper. While you can certainly assist them initially and show them how to cut, it would be best to leave them alone to execute it further. Struggling to cut the paper and subsequently mastering the skill is part of the fun as well. So let’s not spoil it for them by interfering too often!

The older children should not have too much difficulty cutting and may add their own elements of creativity to this activity. This is best encouraged, even if the end result does not make sense to us.

Have fun cutting!

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  1. lovely u can post more ideas for me

    1. Thanks Nikita,

      More ideas coming up shortly.