Saturday, 24 March 2012

Learning About Shapes : Squares and Triangles

Here comes the next post on learning about shapes! This one is about squares and triangles.

Squares and Triangles

  1. Show your child pictures of squares and triangles and teach her to name them.
  2. If you have square shaped tiles at home, show them to your child.
  3. Cut out slices of bread in triangular shapes and make triangular sandwiches with them! Allow her to experiment on similar lines with the bread. 
  4. Give her clay and show her how to make squares and triangles with it.
  5. Show your child a square shaped tissue. Fold and cut it out to get triangles! Let your child experiment with the same(with child scissors). 
  6. Go around your house and ask your child to spot all the objects that resemble squares and triangles. 
For those of you who missed the previous post in this series on circles, here is the link

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