Monday, 26 March 2012

Summer Holiday Ideas: Drawing

If you live in India, it’s almost time for the academic year to draw to an end and for the much awaited summer holidays to begin. Worried about how to keep your little one engaged for the next couple of months? In this series "Summer Holiday Ideas", I present various ideas that would help little children stay busy, have fun as well as learn during the summer. The prescribed activities are simple, fun, easy to execute and often cost effective. And even if you live in a different part of the globe where schools continue to work, you can always use these ideas over the weekend and on other holidays!

Here comes the first one that is highly popular among children who like to draw!

Free hand drawing-

It is a cost effective option. All you need is paper, pencil and colours (optional). Many children love to draw free hand. Have a drawing hour every day and leave your child alone with paper, pencils and colours. Let it be his or her “Me Time”. Let the child draw, colour and experiment as he or she wishes to. This is most suitable for children two years and up, though each age group would execute it differently. The very young ones would be happy just scribbling while the older ones may produce unique pieces of art. Let the effort be the child’s and not the adult’s, irrespective of the end result and its visual appeal.

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