Friday, 9 March 2012

Learning About Shapes : Circles

Young children love exploring shapes. The world around us is full of shapes! Hence, learning about shapes can go well beyond learning to just draw or name them. Whether you are a parent at home or a teacher in school, teaching your child about shapes can be loads of fun for the child and you. Read on to know more.

In this post, let us explore circles.  Here are some ideas to make learning about circles fun for your child.

  1. Show your child a picture of a circle and teach her to say “circle”.
  2. Give your child paper and paints of different colours. Let her dip her fingers in the paint and make circles on the paper.
  3. While cooking, get your child to make things that are circular in shape. For instance, she can try to spread dosa batter (dosa is an Indian dish made of rice and pulses) on the skillet in a circular pattern. If you are from a different culture, get your child to participate in cooking a dish that is circular in shape.
  4. Give her a circular bangle. Let her keep it on paper and trace around it.
  5. Go out to your garden or to a park and ask her to trace circles in the sand with her hands and feet.
  6. Draw circles of different sizes on paper. Give her child scissors and ask her to cut them out.
  7. Look around your house and ask your child to spot all the objects that are circular in shape.
  8. If done in school or with a group of friends at home, all the children can join their hands together to form circles of varying sizes. That should be fun!

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